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Good weekend. Got stuff done.

  • Hair colored
  • Zach's first haircut
  • Went through some papers
  • Taxes are in the mail
  • Pictures of the kids - Taken
  • Saw my nieces
  • Read
  • Michael went to temple
  • Watched BSG
  • Cleaned bathroom and kitchen
  • Folded some laundry
  • Clothes shopping for Michael and Zach
  • Padded my helm (not quite finished)
  • Started transferring planner stuffs back to a Dayrunner
Wanted to bake.  Didn't get to do that, maybe Tuesday after dance or else Wednesday...
Tonight is FP.  Tomorrow is dance.  Wednesday Zach gets a new ear mold impression taken for his hearing aid.  Thursday the gym.  Friday and Saturday cleaning for Passover.  Saturday night first seder at my Mom's.  Sunday night second seder at my SIL's.  Monday Michael leaves for FL and Zach has no school so one of his classroom aids is going to watch him for the week.

This is my life.  Ad infinatum.

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