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Vacation All I Ever Wanted...

Saturday we took the Driver Education course to reduce our car insurance.  Then I got my hair colored and trimmed.  Trim = 3 inches.  Last time I was there, I asked how much she'd have to take off to get rid of all the dead ends.  When she said 3 inches I freaked and it didn't happen.  But with my father's wedding coming up, I figured what the hay!  It's hair.  It grows.  And it looks and feels so much better.  Doesn't even look that much shorter.  Then we went to my Mom's for Chinese food.

Sunday was the Purim Carnival at the boys school.  They had such a great time.  Michael loved all the games, Zachary loved the Moon Bounce.  And they both had a blast on the Pony Rides.  Both boys came home with goldfish.  (Both fish were dead when I got home from work yesterday.)  Jason took the boys to his parents in the AM before the carnival.  I got my nails done while they were napping after the carnival.  Then later in the afternoon, Michael stayed home with me while Jason and his mom took Zach to Sym's to get him a suit or two for the wedding and the cruise.  I folded a lot of laundry.  5 loads, I think.  I know I did other stuff around the house, I just don't remember all of it.

Yesterday I ran to the bank before I picked up the boys.  Got the passports from the safe deposit box.  After Jason got home, the 4 of us went to Target to pick up some last minute things.

Tonight I have to go to Traffic Court to fight my expired inspection ticket from December.  I am guilty, but I'm hoping they'll reduce the fine.  $90 is steep.  And my excuse is true.  I've never driven a used car before, so I assumed the inspection is up in the same month that the registration comes up in, as that has been my experience.  We'll see.  The timing sucks though.  2nd to last night before vacation.  Not gonna make it to dance.  I'll live.  I'm hoping there will be time to make a few stops on the way home.  Bloomingdales for Clinique 7-Day Scrub Cream (I'm all out!), Michael's for some more yarn (I'm nervous I'll run out on the cruise and not be able to finish Jason's scarf.), and Old Navy for shorts (I bought a couple of pairs at Target last night, but I don't love them.).

Tomorrow night is packing.  We are being picked up around 9 AM on Thursday, I think.  Flying Jet Blue from JFK.  Get in to MCO around 2.  My father arranged transportation for us to the hotel at Port Canaveral.  Friday at 5 is the wedding.  Saturday we leave on the Carvival Glory.  Returning Saturday the 22nd.

I'm a little overwhelmed, but not as bad as I've been in the past before leaving on vacation.  Haven't decided if that's a good sign or not.  I either have it all together and am on top of everything or I'm gonna have a nervous breakdown tomorrow night.

Just looked up the TSA info and I can bring my knitting on the plane.  Yay!

My sister just took care of our wedding gifts for my Dad and Arlene.  
Waiting in their stateroom on the cruise when they arrive:
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
4 Drink Coupons
1 Picture Coupon
Flip Flops that make prints of Just Married in the sand.
Towel (to keep)
White and Black Visors
Bride and Groom T-Shirts

I just wish I could shake this nagging feeling that I am forgetting something important.

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