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  • Coming down with a cold.  My ear was itching yesterday and I am a little sniffly with the beginning of a sore throat today.  I must be very run down to keep getting sick in the last month.
  • My legs are tired!  Dance class last night kicked my butt.  But in a good way.
  • Saturday was full of accomplishments.  Zach's 21 month Well Baby Visit.  ( 50th percentiles again - 33" and 26 lbs. I think)  Tangiers new shoes and sneakers for the boys.  4 pairs of shoes for $84.  You can't beat that!  BJ's trip that was sorely needed.  Then Mexican for dinner!  Elf and I have discovered the new Mexican place in Hicksville near Raimo's, Santa Fe Tequila!  They know how to make a good chimichanga!
  • Sunday I did not leave the house.
  • Elf and I have 3 episodes left to Season 1 of Heroes.  I am enjoying it.  Time travel always sucks me into a show.  I love to see the theories and try and pick apart the inconsistencies and paradoxes.  Not that I am any good at it, but I enjoy it.  Does anyone remember The Tomorrow People?  I have very vivid memories of an episode with John holding one of their oh-so-seventies belts with a twist in it while trying to explain a time travel concept.
  • Work has been insane.  I have been slammed.  Still slammed, but procrastinating.
  • Michael never ceases to amaze me.  Last night he woke me accidentally while trying to climb over me to get into our bed, between me and Jason.  I was too tired to do anything but get him in so I could go back to sleep.  This morning I told him that he shouldn't be sleeping in Mommy & Daddy's bed.  "No, no, Mommy.  I wasn't sleeping.  I was napping." 
  • Sunday is the Purim Carnival at Michael's school.  I have to miss the Hagen School Feis again!
  • We leave for Florida a week from tomorrow.
  • Last night the babysitter watched the boys when I went off to dance.  Mission successful!  The kids love her and she is good with them.
  • May actually have a ToHI for Michael.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  I'll know more after tonight.
  • We never got one of the special pictures we wanted framed from our wedding.  Yes, we will be married 6 years in May.  This picture has been an issue.  There was some turnover at the photographer, but Jason was following up on this because the picture was for him and he dropped the ball and took a long time following up.  Basically, when they finally did it, Jason said it was wrong and left it there.  So I took over to at least try and get it, as it is paid for.  They can't find it because it has been so long.  They are offering us a free family portrait, worth $400.  We are taking it.  But I am upset because not only do we not have that picture, we no longer have the proof.  They are going to see if they still have the negatives from our wedding.
  • The new Anne Bishop book came out yesterday.  I stopped at Border's in Westbury.  They didn't have it.  I bought a Dick and Jane book for Michael instead.

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